Keeping Your Beagle Fresh & Clean: Tips & Tricks [No Smell]


Beagles are one of the most popular and beloved dog breeds out there, known for their adorable looks, friendly nature, and of course, their incredible sense of smell.

However, some Beagle owners may find themselves asking questions like, “how to stop Beagles from smelling” or “Why is my Beagle so stinky?”

If you’re one of them, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

How Do You Stop Beagles From Smelling?

In this blog post, we’ll explore the reasons behind your Beagle’s odors and provide practical tips on how to keep your furry friend smelling fresh.

Understanding Your Beagle’s Sense of Smell

Beagles have an extraordinary sense of smell, which is both a blessing and a curse for their owners. Their powerful noses can detect scents that are undetectable to humans, making them excellent hunting and detection dogs.

But this also means that Beagles are more likely to be drawn to odors in their environment, sometimes resulting in a less-than-pleasant smell.

To address the question, “Do Beagles have a doggy smell?”, the answer is yes, but it’s not exclusive to Beagles.

All dogs have a unique scent, but some breeds may have a stronger smell than others. Understanding how your Beagle’s sense of smell works can help you find ways to reduce their odor and keep your home smelling fresh.

Fun fact 1: Did you know that Beagles have more than 200 million scent receptors in their noses, making them one of the best scent-detecting dogs in the world?

Common Causes of Odors in Beagles

Before we dive into how to stop Beagles from smelling or how to get rid of Beagle smell, it’s essential to understand what might be causing these odors in the first place.

Here are some common factors that contribute to a stinky Beagle:

Diet: A poor-quality diet can lead to digestive issues and gas, which can cause unpleasant odors. Also, certain types of food can make your Beagle’s coat smellier than usual.

Skin Issues: Skin problems, like allergies, dermatitis, or yeast infections, can lead to a foul smell. These issues may require veterinary attention and proper treatment.

Ear Infections: Beagles are prone to ear infections, which can produce a strong, musty odor. Regular ear cleaning and check-ups can help prevent these issues.

Dental Health: Poor dental hygiene can cause bad breath and contribute to an overall stinky dog. Regular teeth brushing and dental cleanings are crucial for maintaining good oral health.

Identifying and addressing the root causes of your Beagle’s smell will make it easier to keep them fresh and clean.

Fun fact 2: Beagles were initially bred for hunting purposes due to their keen sense of smell, which is why they're often used by law enforcement agencies for detecting drugs and explosives.

Effective Ways to Control Beagle Odors

Once you’ve identified the cause of your Beagle’s smell, you can take steps to minimize it.

Here are some strategies to help you stop your Beagle from smelling or stinking:

Regular Grooming: Keep your Beagle’s coat clean by brushing it regularly to remove dirt, debris, and loose hair. Bathing them with a gentle dog shampoo can also help control odors.

Just remember not to overdo it. Wondering how often should a Beagle be bathed? Check out this guide for more information.

Proper Nutrition: Feed your Beagle a high-quality, balanced diet to avoid digestive issues and keep their coat in good condition. A healthy diet can make a significant difference in how your dog smells.

Dental Hygiene: Regularly brush your Beagle’s teeth and provide dental chews to help control bad breath and keep their mouth healthy.

Addressing Skin and Ear Issues: Keep an eye on your Beagle’s skin and ears for signs of irritation or infection. Regular check-ups with your vet can help detect and treat any issues early on, preventing foul odors.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your Beagle smelling fresh and clean.

Beagle-proofing Your Home

A clean and well-maintained home can significantly impact how your Beagle smells. Here are some suggestions for Beagle-proofing your home to minimize odors:

Secure Trash Cans: Beagles are notorious for getting into the garbage. Keep trash cans securely closed or stored in a cabinet to prevent your Beagle from rummaging through them and spreading unpleasant smells.

Using Odor-Resistant Fabrics: Choose materials that are easy to clean and resistant to odors for your Beagle’s bedding and any furniture they might frequent. Washable and removable covers can be a great option.

Frequent Vacuuming and Cleaning: Regularly vacuum your floors and clean surfaces to remove pet hair, dander, and other debris that can contribute to smells. Pay particular attention to areas where your Beagle spends most of its time.

By taking these steps, you can create a cleaner and fresher environment for both you and your Beagle.

Training Tips to Reduce Smelling Behavior

While addressing the physical causes of your Beagle’s smell is essential, you can also train them to minimize their smelling behavior.

Here are some training tips to help you out:

Leash Training: Train your Beagle to walk politely on a leash so they don’t wander off and roll in smelly substances during walks. This can help prevent them from bringing unpleasant odors back home.

Distraction Techniques: If your Beagle is drawn to a particular smell, distract them with a toy, treat, or command to redirect their focus. This can help prevent them from investigating and potentially rolling in something stinky.

Reward-based Training: Reward your Beagle for ignoring or staying away from undesirable smells. Positive reinforcement can encourage good behavior and help them learn to avoid these odors.

By combining these training techniques with proper care and hygiene, you’ll be well-equipped to keep your Beagle smelling fresh and clean.


Keeping your Beagle smelling fresh and clean is a multifaceted process that involves understanding their extraordinary sense of smell, addressing potential causes of odors, and implementing proper care and training techniques.

By taking the time to maintain your Beagle’s hygiene, providing a clean environment, and using positive reinforcement, you can enjoy your furry friend’s company without being bothered by unpleasant smells.

Remember, a happy, healthy Beagle is a joy to be around, so embrace their unique scent-detecting abilities while keeping them clean and fresh. Happy sniffing!

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