9 Weird [But Cute] Things That Beagle Dogs Do (Behaviours)


So, we’re talking about those adorable and sometimes weird Beagle dogs.

These little fellows have captured our hearts with their friendly nature, big floppy ears, and curious personalities.

You might already know that Beagles were initially bred as scent hounds for hunting, but did you know that their quirky traits actually make them stand out from other dog breeds?

What Are The Weird Things That Beagle Dogs Do?

In this article, we’ll dive into the fascinating world of Beagles and explore their unique quirks and behaviors. So get ready to be amused and maybe even fall in love with Beagles all over again!

1. Unusual Vocalizations

Ah, the sounds that Beagles make! Trust me, once you’ve heard them, you’ll never forget them. Beagles have this wide range of vocalizations that sometimes can leave you scratching your head, wondering, “Did my dog just sing?”

A. The Beagle bay – This is their signature sound. Imagine a mix between a deep bark and a howl. It’s loud and clear, and they use it to communicate with their human companions or other dogs.

B. The Beagle howl is more like a traditional howl but with a Beagle twist. They throw their heads back and let out a long, melodious sound, especially when they feel lonely or want attention.

C. Singing and humming – This is where it gets really weird. Some Beagles can actually sing or hum! It’s more like a series of musical whines and murmurs that might even resemble a tune. They often do this when they’re happy, relaxed, or trying to “talk” to you.

These vocalizations are part of what makes Beagles so special. They have a unique way of expressing their feelings and communicating with their owners, which can sometimes seem like they’re trying to hold a conversation with us.

And the truth is, they are! Beagles are very social creatures and love interacting with their human families.

So, the next time you hear your Beagle making one of these peculiar sounds, take a moment to appreciate their distinct way of “talking” to you. It might even inspire you to engage with them, whether it’s through play, cuddles, or simply a reassuring pat on the head.

You might even find yourself humming along with your Beagle companion!

2. Peculiar Eating Habits

Beagles and food, what a combination! Their love for food is legendary, but they also have strange eating habits that might baffle you. So, let’s dig in and find out what’s on the menu for these quirky canines.

A. Eating non-food items – Beagles are infamous for their “adventurous” eating habits. They might chew on shoes and furniture or even gulp down things like paper, socks, or toys. But beware, this can be dangerous, so always keep an eye on your curious Beagle!

B. Food scavenging – These little detectives love sniffing food, even during mealtime. They’ll use their powerful noses to track down any tasty morsels, whether hidden in the trash or stashed in your pantry.

C. Obsession with food – Beagles’ insatiable appetites sometimes make them seem obsessed with food. They’ll beg, whine, or do anything to get a bite of whatever you’re eating.

While these eating habits can be amusing (and sometimes frustrating), managing them appropriately for your Beagle’s health and safety is essential.

Regular mealtimes, portion control, and offering healthy treats can help curb their food obsession. Additionally, be mindful of the items they can access, and ensure you provide them with safe and appropriate toys to chew on.

Remember, Beagles’ peculiar eating habits are part of their charm, but it’s up to us as responsible pet owners to guide them toward a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

With a bit of patience and understanding, you can help your Beagle maintain their quirky character while ensuring their well-being.

3. Distinctive Sleeping Positions

Beagles have a knack for turning naptime into a display of artful sleeping positions. These unique poses are both endearing and downright hilarious.

A. The Beagle pretzel – In this position, your Beagle will curl up into a tight ball, with their legs and tail wrapped around their body.

B. The Beagle burrow – Beagles love to snuggle under blankets, pillows, or even your clothes. They’ll dig and wriggle until they’re completely hidden, making themselves a cozy little den.

C. The Beagle sprawl – This one’s the polar opposite of the pretzel. Your Beagle will stretch out with their legs extended in every direction, taking up as much space as possible.

These distinctive sleeping positions showcase Beagles’ quirky personalities and their ability to make even the simplest activities entertaining.

4. Interesting Playtime Behaviors

Beagles are energetic and playful, always ready for some fun. Their playtime antics are not only entertaining but also unusually endearing.

Here are a few of the most amusing Beagle playtime behaviors you might witness:

A. Beagle helicopter tail – When your Beagle gets excited, it might start wagging its tail so fast it becomes a blur, resembling a helicopter rotor.

B. Beagle “zoomies” – Also known as the “Beagle 500,” this is when your Beagle suddenly starts running in circles or racing around the house at top speed.

C. Beagle bunny hopping – This one’s a classic. When playing or running, your Beagle might leap into the air with all four legs off the ground, just like a bunny hopping through a field.

These playful behaviors showcase Beagles’ lively personalities and remind us of the importance of engaging with our pets and providing them with ample opportunities for exercise and fun.

5. Curious Social Interactions

Beagles are quite the social butterflies! Their interactions with humans and other dogs can be both heartwarming and puzzling.

Here are some of the most engaging social behaviors you might observe in Beagles:

A. Beagle head tilting – When you talk to your Beagle, it might tilt its head from side to side as if trying to understand every word you’re saying.

B. Beagle reverse sneezing – This strange sound, which resembles a series of rapid, forced inhalations, often occurs when your Beagle gets excited or tries to clear their nasal passages.

Don’t worry; it’s not harmful, but it’s definitely a quirky way of expressing their excitement.

C. Beagle tail wagging patterns – Beagles have a language all their own when it comes to tail wagging. Slow, fast, and even circular wags convey different emotions, from happiness and excitement to curiosity or submission.

These curious social interactions make Beagles truly one-of-a-kind. They have their own way of communicating with us and the world around them, and it’s up to us to decipher their unique language.

6. Bizarre Hunting Instincts

Even though most Beagles today are family pets, their hunting instincts remain strong, and sometimes these instincts manifest in odd ways.

A. Locking onto a scent – When a Beagle catches an interesting scent, it might freeze in place, sniffing intently and completely oblivious to the world around them.

B. Nose-to-ground tracking – Beagles are natural-born trackers, and when they’re on the trail of a scent, they’ll keep their noses to the ground, sniffing and snuffling as they follow the invisible trail.

C. Beagle stubbornness while on the trail – Once your Beagle has locked onto a scent, it can become surprisingly stubborn, ignoring your calls and commands as they pursue its olfactory goal.

These bizarre hunting instincts are a testament to the Beagle’s heritage as scent hounds.

7. Unconventional Affection Displays

Beagles are known for their affectionate nature, and they have some unique ways of showing their love.

A. Beagle cuddling positions – Beagles love to snuggle, and they’ll find the most creative ways to curl up with you. They might drape themselves across your lap, tuck their head under your chin, or even try to share your pillow.

B. The Beagle “lean” – When your Beagle wants some affection, it might lean its entire body against you, putting its full weight into the gesture.

C. Beagle kisses and nibbles – Beagles are known for their gentle, loving kisses. They might also gently nibble on your fingers or ears as a sign of affection.

These unconventional displays of affection are part of what makes Beagles such endearing companions. They have a unique way of expressing their love, and it’s hard not to be smitten by their heartfelt gestures.

8. Eccentric Grooming Habits

Beagles have some unusual grooming habits that might surprise you when it comes to keeping clean.

A. Beagle self-bathing – Beagles are quite fastidious about their cleanliness and will often lick and groom themselves like cats.

B. Rolling in strange smells – Despite their penchant for self-grooming, Beagles also have a curious habit of rolling in smelly things, like garbage, dead animals, or even other dogs’ poop.

C. Obsessive paw licking – Beagles sometimes lick their paws excessively, which can be a grooming habit or a sign of stress, boredom, or allergies.

While these eccentric grooming habits can be baffling, they’re just another aspect of the Beagle’s unique personality.

It’s essential to monitor your Beagle’s grooming behaviors, address any underlying issues, and provide them with regular baths and grooming to keep them clean and healthy.

9. Whimsical Water Shenanigans

When it comes to water, Beagles have some amusing and unexpected reactions. In addition, their love-hate relationship with water can lead to some entertaining antics.

A. The Beagle paddle – When introduced to water, some Beagles will immediately start paddling, even before their paws touch the water.

B. Beagle water zoomies – After getting wet, your Beagle might suddenly race around, shaking off the water and zooming about with boundless energy.

C. Beagle water avoidance – While some Beagles love swimming and playing in the water, others will do everything possible to avoid getting wet, from tiptoeing around puddles to leaping over sprinklers.

Whether your Beagle is a water-loving swimmer or a dry-land devotee, it’s essential to be mindful of their preferences and ensure they stay safe during water play.


Beagles are truly remarkable and endearing companions with a whole array of weird and beautiful behaviors.

From their entertaining eating habits to their quirky vocalizations, these lovable dogs never cease to amaze us.

As Beagle owners, we must appreciate and embrace these peculiarities while ensuring our furry friends stay happy and healthy.

So, cherish the eccentricities that make your Beagle unique, and enjoy the countless moments of laughter and joy that come with sharing your life with such a delightful canine companion.

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