15 Reasons Why Beagle Are the Worst Dogs (Behaviours & More]


Hey there, friend! I recently came across many reasons why Beagles might not be the best dog breed for everyone.

So, I thought I’d share my thoughts with you, and maybe it’ll help you make a more informed decision if you’re thinking about getting one. Let’s dive in!

Why Beagles Are the Worst Dogs

Knowing the challenges, a breed may present before diving in is always good. Here are the fifteen (15) reasons as to why.

1. Unrelenting Energy Levels

Do you know how some people are like Energizer bunnies? Well, Beagles are like that too! Their high energy can be overwhelming, especially if you’re more of a couch potato. They need tons of exercise, so be prepared to spend lots of time playing and walking with them.

2. Stubborn Nature

Beagles are like a friend who always has to do things their way. Training them can be a real test of patience! They’re independent thinkers, which can be charming but also pretty frustrating when you’re trying to teach them something new.

3. Excessive Barking

Remember that noisy neighbor you had once? Beagles are basically the dog version of that. They love to bark, which can drive you (and your neighbors) nuts! But, with some patience and training, you can tone it down a bit.

4. Food Obsession

Imagine a furry vacuum cleaner – that’s a Beagle! They’ll eat anything they can find, so you must be extra careful about leaving food out. Also, managing their weight can be challenging since they’re always hunting for snacks.

5. Separation Anxiety

Beagles are like that clingy friend who gets sad when you’re apart. They’re prone to separation anxiety, which can lead to destructive behaviors. You’ll need to work on helping them feel comfortable when you’re not around.

6. Poor Off-leash Behavior

Picture a Beagle as a detective following a trail of clues – they’re always on the hunt! With their strong prey drive, they can’t resist following a scent. So, letting them off-leash can be risky, as they might bolt after something and ignore your calls.

7. Shedding

Imagine having to vacuum every day because of dog hair – that’s life with a Beagle! Their shedding can be a problem, especially if you have allergies. And they’ll need regular grooming to keep their coats in good shape.

8. Health Issues

Unfortunately, Beagles have a few health issues you should know about. They’re prone to genetic disorders like hip dysplasia and epilepsy. Plus, those floppy ears are cute but also a magnet for infections.

9. Size

Picture a small apartment with a Beagle running around – not ideal, right? Their size makes them less suitable for small living spaces or apartment living. They need room to move and explore.

10. Short Attention Span

Beagles are like that friend who’s constantly zoning out during conversations. Their short attention spans can make training challenging, and you’ll need to find ways to keep them engaged and focused.

11. Digging and Escaping

Imagine your backyard looking like a construction site – that’s what a Beagle can do! They love to dig and escape, so you’ll need to consider ways to keep them contained and minimize the damage to your yard.

12. Scent Tracking

A Beagle’s nose is like a GPS, guiding them to every scent. While fascinating, it can also be distracting and potentially dangerous if they wander off following a scent.

13. Not Suitable for Guard Dogs

Beagles are like that friendly person who talks to everyone at a party. They’re just too friendly to make good guard dogs.

Their overly friendly disposition and lack of protective instincts mean they’re more likely to welcome strangers with a wagging tail than scare them off.

14. Not Ideal for Multi-pet Households

Beagles can be like that one friend who doesn’t play well with others. Because of their strong prey drive, they might not be the best choice for households with smaller pets, like cats or rodents.

You must take extra precautions to ensure all your furry family members can coexist peacefully.

15. Frequent Veterinary Checkups

Picture regular trips to the vet with your Beagle. Since they’re prone to various health issues, scheduling more frequent veterinary checkups is essential.

This ensures your Beagle stays healthy and can strain your wallet. So, be prepared for the responsibility and cost of keeping your Beagle in tip-top shape.


Of course, every dog is unique, and some Beagles might not display all these traits. But thinking about your lifestyle and preferences is crucial before bringing a Beagle into your life.

If you’re still set on getting a Beagle, make sure you’re prepared for the challenges they may bring. And who knows? You might end up with a lovable, energetic companion who keeps you on your toes!

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