11 Reasons Why Your Bearded Dragon Is Standing Up Tall


Hey there, fellow bearded dragon enthusiasts! Have you ever caught yourself asking, “Why is my bearded dragon standing up tall?” You’re not alone!

Many bearded dragon owners have experienced this quirky behavior and wondered what it means.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 11 reasons why your bearded dragon might be standing up tall, ranging from simple stretching to more complex social behaviors.

So, let’s get started and decode this fascinating reptilian language!

Fun Fact #1: Did you know bearded dragons can run up to 9 miles per hour? That's pretty fast for such small creatures!

Why Your Bearded Dragon Is Standing Up Tall

Here are the eleven (11) reasons why it is behaving this way.

Reason 1: Stretching Their Legs

Just like us humans, bearded dragons need to stretch their legs every once in a while. When your beardie stands up tall, it could be their way of loosening up their muscles and joints. After all, even reptiles need a good stretch now and then!

This behavior is often seen in the morning when they wake up from a night’s sleep or after a period of inactivity. So, if you notice your bearded dragon standing up tall, they might just be doing their version of morning yoga.

Fun Fact #2: Bearded dragons have a third eye! It's called the parietal eye and helps them detect changes in light.

Reason 2: Trying to Get Warmer

Bearded dragons are ectothermic creatures, which means they rely on their environment to regulate their body temperature. When your beardie stands up tall, they might be trying to get closer to their heat source.

By doing this, they can soak up more warmth to maintain their optimal body temperature.

If you notice your bearded dragon standing up tall frequently, especially near their basking spot or against the glass, it could be a sign that their enclosure’s temperature needs adjustment.

Make sure to check the temperature gradient in their habitat to ensure they have both a warm basking area and a cooler zone to retreat to when needed.

Why is my bearded dragon standing up against the glass?” you ask. It could be because they’re trying to get closer to the heat source, or they’re feeling chilly!

Reason 3: Asserting Dominance

In the wild, bearded dragons use various body language cues to communicate with each other. One of these cues is standing up tall to assert dominance over other dragons.

This behavior helps them establish their territory and can also be a form of competition for mating rights.

In captivity, you may notice your bearded dragon standing up tall or even spiking up when they see their reflection in the glass or encounter another bearded dragon.

This is a normal response and a way for your beardie to show that they’re the boss.

Reason 4: Curiosity and Exploration

Bearded dragons are naturally inquisitive creatures who love exploring their surroundings. When your beardie stands up tall, it could be because they’re curious about something they’ve spotted in their enclosure or outside of it.

This position gives them a better vantage point to survey their environment and investigate any new or interesting objects.

Why does my bearded dragon spike up?” you may wonder. This behavior can also be a sign of their curiosity and desire to explore.

Make sure to provide a stimulating environment with plenty of hiding spots, climbing opportunities, and safe items to interact with so your bearded dragon stays engaged and entertained.

Reason 5: Mating Behavior

When it’s time for bearded dragons to find a mate, they use various behaviors to attract the attention of potential partners. Standing up tall can be one of these behaviors, as it makes them look bigger and more impressive to the opposite sex.

Male bearded dragons might also combine this posture with head bobbing and arm-waving to show off their strength and vitality.

If you have a male and female bearded dragon housed together, you might notice one or both of them standing up tall during mating season.

It’s important to monitor and separate their interactions to prevent any aggressive behavior.

Reason 6: Seeking Attention

Just like cats and dogs, bearded dragons can develop bonds with their human caregivers. They might stand up tall as a way to get your attention, especially if they associate you with food or positive interactions.

Your bearded dragon could be seeking some quality time with you, whether it’s through play, handling, or even just watching you from their enclosure.

If you notice your beardie standing up tall when you enter the room, it might be their way of saying, “Hey, look at me! I’m ready for some fun!”

Make sure to spend time with your bearded dragon regularly to help them feel secure and comfortable with you.

Reason 7: Feeling Threatened

Bearded dragons might stand up tall when they feel threatened or scared. This posture makes them appear larger and more intimidating, which can help ward off potential predators or other perceived threats.

If your bearded dragon is standing up tall and displaying other signs of fear or stress, such as darkening their beard or flattening their body, it’s crucial to identify and address the source of its anxiety.

Possible causes of stress can include sudden movements, loud noises, or unfamiliar objects or people. Creating a calm and stable environment for your bearded dragon to feel safe and secure is essential.

Reason 8: Inadequate Enclosure Size

If your bearded dragon’s enclosure is too small or lacks proper furnishings, they may stand up tall in an attempt to find more space. A cramped habitat can be stressful for your beardie and may lead to health issues and behavioral problems.

Make sure your bearded dragon’s enclosure is large enough to accommodate its size and allows for a variety of activities like basking, hiding, and climbing.

The minimum recommended size for an adult bearded dragon is a 40-gallon tank, but bigger is always better!

If you notice your bearded dragon frequently standing up tall or even curling up in a corner, it might be time to evaluate their living conditions.

Reason 9: Shedding Skin

When bearded dragons grow, they shed their skin to accommodate their expanding bodies. During the shedding process, your beardie might feel itchy and uncomfortable.

Standing up tall can be a way for them to stretch their skin and help it loosen up, making the shedding process easier.

If your bearded dragon is standing up tall and you notice its skin looking dull or flaky, shedding could be the reason.

Ensure they have a suitable environment to aid in the shedding process, such as a moist hide and regular bathing.

Keep an eye on your beardie during shedding to ensure the skin comes off smoothly, and avoid pulling or peeling the skin, as it can cause injury.

Reason 10: Health Issues

Sometimes, your bearded dragon might stand tall due to underlying health issues.

For example, metabolic bone disease (MBD) can cause muscle weakness and joint pain, prompting your beardie to stand up tall in an attempt to alleviate discomfort.

If your bearded dragon is consistently standing up tall and you notice other signs of illness, such as lethargy, loss of appetite, or abnormal feces, it’s essential to consult with a qualified reptile veterinarian as soon as possible.

Early diagnosis and treatment can make all the difference in ensuring your beardie’s health and well-being.

Reason 11: Boredom and Enrichment

Believe it or not, bearded dragons can get bored! Standing up tall might indicate that your beardie is looking for mental stimulation or physical activity.

Providing your bearded dragon with an enriching environment can help alleviate boredom and promote its overall well-being.

To keep your bearded dragon entertained, offer a variety of hiding spots, climbing opportunities, and items to interact with.

You can also engage in interactive play with them, such as encouraging them to chase a toy or gently handling them outside of their enclosure.

By keeping your bearded dragon’s environment engaging, you’ll help prevent boredom and create a more natural and stimulating habitat that can contribute to their overall happiness.


There you have it! Those are the 11 reasons why your bearded dragon might be standing up tall. From stretching their legs to seeking attention, these fascinating reptiles use body language to communicate various needs and emotions.

Understanding your bearded dragon’s behavior is crucial for providing them with the best possible care and ensuring a happy, healthy life.

As a responsible pet owner, always keep an eye on your bearded dragon’s behavior and monitor their environment closely. If you notice any sudden changes or signs of distress, don’t hesitate to consult a qualified reptile veterinarian.

After all, a well-cared-for bearded dragon is a happy bearded dragon!

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